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Plaid: More Than A Fad;

Because They’re Bold On Their Own. Plaid Makes The Rest Of Getting Dressed A Breeze. Solid Shirts & Suits Are As Fancy As You Need To Get. Discover Your Plaid Personality!


Coat: Zara

Blazer: Vintage

Shirt: Zara

Tie: Ebay

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Kenneth Cole

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Instagram: appealnstyle522



Hi, I'm Nigel Bennett born & raised in NYC, and navigated the finance world with a somewhat questionable sense of fashion. In the concrete jungle of manhattan where it's as easy to get disheartened as it is to catch a cab, I soon discovered fashion blogs, and my Instagrammy Friends(yeah i said Grammy's I feel like were all in one auditorium all dressed up) and through them, i found empowerment and inspiration. So finally after 5 years I decided since this 2015 I should finally create my own blog in hopes to incite the same inspiration I once discovered myself in a pursuit of fashion. But more importantly, hopes to reignite the embers of a forgotten dream or maybe even spark the flames to a whole new aspiration to upcoming fashion idealist.

9 thoughts on “Plaid: More Than A Fad;

  1. Ok – totally wasn’t done ! You know I love your creativity , ingenuity , and the flair you have to make every look fabulous and truly your own , but this is just OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!! So perfect keeping the rest of the pieces solid to make the coat the statement but overall YOU make the statement ! ❀️

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