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Lighten Your Summer Load;

Guys & gals, I totally feel your pain and see your sweat stains lol. Yes, it’s indeed hot out there. And it doesn’t end there. So we have to create a steady summer fit survival guide for the last steaming months(even in NYC it would probably be extended till mid October, know how crazy our weather can get.) the key is mostly wearing lightweight summer tee’s, pants, shoes, bags & watches that make you shine, without actually making you sweaty & shining. As I did here, putting on a lightweighted tee that is sweat absorbent and of course a lighter shade of pastel to resist the heat than taking it in with darker shades. 

Plus ending the even with the loveliest pizza I ever had in a loooooong time, and surprisingly it’s around my way 😉 so this gentrification is kind of good in a way, opening all these type of restaurants for a foodie like me, always spent with the loveliest company.  


The lil deets count the most 💙

This pizza 😋😍💕🤤

Sunglasses: @Rayban

Tee: @zaramen

Pants: @zara

Shoes: @zara

Watch: @michealkors

Bracelet: @kisstheskyjewellery

Beads: @hm

Ig: @appealnstyle522