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Dress Like A Disciple;

Every camel has its very own personality. Some are aggressive. Some are so soft you wanna pet them.

Camel coats have been trending for years. Each and every time have a stunning effect on anything you wear with it. Hey what’s better than wearing a camel coat on hump day 🐪.

Coat: @zara

Denim Vest: @zara

Turtleneck: @muji

Belt: @gucci

Jeans: @7forallmankind

Boots: @zara

Watch: @danielwellington

Bracelet: @hermes

Bracelet: @kisstheskyjewellery

Ig: @appealnstyle

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Old Coat, New Approach;

A double-breasted coat, being back to its original meaning a symbol of elegance, and yes lately I’ve been loving all my turtlenecks and can’t stop wearing them, just following the greats such as, Marley, Redford, Roundtree, McQueen, Black Moses & Sean Connery, And yes I think I’m that cool!

Coat: Zara

Turtleneck: Zara

Belt: Gucci

Jeans: Levi’s

Boots: Zara

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Bracelet: Hermès

Ig: Appealnstyle522

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Tan Your Hide;

The biker jacket lightens up. Black leather jackets have all the pedigree, but sometimes it’s cooler to change and zoom your own lane.

Sunglasses: Gift

Suede Moto Jacket: @zara

Shirt: @bensherman

Cuff Links: @bananarepublic 

Tie(Denim): @topman

Jeans: @levis

Shoes: @hm

Watch: @guess

Bracelet: @kisstheskyjewellery

Ig: @appealnstyle522

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A New Golden Age Of Tan;

When You Think Of The Camel Coat, It’s Not Just Bogart In The ’40s . It’s Also Richard Gere In The ’80s. Invest In A Top-Shelf One Now And Wear It Till You’re Jeff Bridges’s Age!

Coat: Zara

Blazer: Vintage

Shirt: Zara

Tie: Ebay 

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Aldo

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Instagram: appealnstyle522