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A Fresh Angle On Neckwear(Is Sideways);

To Double Down On The 1950’s Retro Appeal, Try A Horizontal Striped Knit Tie With A Squared Off Bottom Edge. A Subtle Freshness And A Strangely Calming Symmetry. Inside The Office Or Out, Little Style Evolutions Like This Make All The Difference.

Glasses: Oliver People’s

Coat: Muji

Shirt: Muji

Tie: Zara

Jeans: Levi’s

Shoes: Zara

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Cropped Trench: Zara

Instagram: Appealnstyle522

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The Raining Champ;

In The Unpredictable Spring, When A Lovely Sun-Dappled Morning Can Turn Apocalyptically Stormy By Afternoon, You Would Need A Couple Of Great Jackets That Can Handle Any Weather. Start With One, Then Add Your Own Dapperness To It.

Jacket: Zara

Blazer: Vintage

Shirt: Ralph Lauren

Tie: Ebay

Pants: Zara

Socks: J.Crew

Shoes: Zara

Watch: Michael Kors

Folio: Zara

Instagram: Appealnstyle522