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Mood Indigo/Kinds Of Blue;

Not every layering piece has to perfectly match. An indigo sweater or Bandanna will bring new life to navy blazer or a chambray shirt. (And you won’t look nearly as crazy as you would in five different shades of orange.) A blue made up of countless other blues, the variation makes every piece one of a kind, and the effect is guaranteed to make you look original.


Blazer: @hm

Pocket Square: @hm

Bandanna: @zara

Sweater: @zara

Pants: @zara

Tie: @ralphlauren

Shoes: @zara

Watch: @danielwellington

Bracelet: @kisstheskyjewellery

Ig: @appealnstyle522

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More Badass Than Blue Blood;

This jacket skips class. Nobody dresses like this on campus anymore, which means the look is finally shedding it’s Ivy League baggage. Go ahead, take back the blue blazer. 

Blazer: @zara

Turtleneck Sweater: @muji

Pants: @zara

Sneakers: @zara

Bag: @zara

Watch: @danielwellington

Bracelets: @kisstheskyjewellery

Ig: @appealnstyle522

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Classic Is Key;

Welcome to the anything goes era of men’s style, where a whole world Of inspired ideas about what you can wear is now at a store near you. It begins here, the dressing game has gone from greyscale to full-blooming color. Let’s think back to the prohibition era where classic looks were a must. Nowadays we’re seeing suits in tastefully different colors. Always look to define your personal style and distinguish ourselves from the other handsome men in a designer look. I will always try to have my own distinguishing effect. 

Hat: @GoorinBros

Coat: @Mango

Shirt: @Zara

Tie: @eBayFashion

Vest: @Topman

Pants: @Zara

Socks: @Muji

Shoes: @Zara

Watch: @Danielwellington

Pocketwatch: vintage 

Bracelet: @Kisstheskyjewellery

Gloves: @Zara

Instagram: Appealnstyle522