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The Mad Hatter, The Lighter, Brighter , Douche-Free Fedora;

A Brief History Of Fedoras: We Loved Them On Bogart, Peck, And Sinatra. Not So Much On Bieber, And Federline. But Now Fedoras Have Gone Through Rehab, Losing Their Jackass-y Association Thanks To Some Key Changes: Nicer Brims(But Not Dick Tracy Long) Lighter Colors And Felt Bodies That’ll Last For Decades. Wear One With Whatever You Want This Spring. And Fedoras: Welcome Back To  The Circle Of Trust. As I Get My Hats From Goorin Bros, With Their Wide Variety Of Hats You Can Never Go Wrong, And Get The Perfect Hat For Your Look, So Top Your Outfit Off! 


Goorin Bros Fedoras

Rob Lucci Figure – One Piece 


Hi, I'm Nigel Bennett born & raised in NYC, and navigated the finance world with a somewhat questionable sense of fashion. In the concrete jungle of manhattan where it's as easy to get disheartened as it is to catch a cab, I soon discovered fashion blogs, and my Instagrammy Friends(yeah i said Grammy's I feel like were all in one auditorium all dressed up) and through them, i found empowerment and inspiration. So finally after 5 years I decided since this 2015 I should finally create my own blog in hopes to incite the same inspiration I once discovered myself in a pursuit of fashion. But more importantly, hopes to reignite the embers of a forgotten dream or maybe even spark the flames to a whole new aspiration to upcoming fashion idealist.

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